Doc Henderson - Bio

Doc Henderson grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and as the son of a Baptist minister, was introduced early on to the sound of gospel and church music. With groups such as Wendy Bagwell and the Sunlighters and the LeFevres providing the music on a Sunday afternoon, Doc quickly developed an appreciation of words and the power they hold lyrically.


In the 70’s Doc moved to Augusta, Georgia to study medicine and it was here that he wrote his first song, “You Don’t Know Yet.” A few years later whilst reunited with his childhood piano, his musical interest progressed and he began writing songs and composing music. This interest grew after hanging out backstage with Billy Roberts – songwriter of “Hey, Joe” – as well as listening to Billy’s personal rendition of “Hey, Joe” in his living room while Billy lived with Doc for over a year in Atlanta.


Having no real formal training, Doc Henderson is self-taught and composes using guitar and the piano, jotting down lyrical ideas whenever the words come to him. With influences as diverse as Bob Dylan, Jimmy Buffett and Leonard Cohen, he produces a sound mainly echoing country and rockabilly, with occasional moments of rhythm and blues.


When Clarence Carter was looking for a great cover for his 1980s album "Dr. C. C.", featuring the release of his world-famous song "Strokin'," he called on Doc to help produce the album cover, which features Clarence examining a real skeleton.


Doc has worked with publicist Dominic Brendell, an Englishman whose father played on several songs with the Beatles. Some of Doc’s early demos featured several members of the Atlanta Rhythm Section, as well as two members of the old James Brown band.


"Having people like Dean Daughtry of ARS play keyboards for me and St. Clair Pinckney of James Brown's band play a killer saxophone on several of my songs, was a real thrill and a great learning experience early on," says Doc.


In the past few months Doc Henderson has been busy at work in the studio, collaborating with musicians from Georgia. Recently performing artist Kim Meeks (Macon Music CD. Vol. 1) met up with Doc Henderson to record his song, ‘Lately,’ co-written with Joey Stuckey and recorded at Shadow Sound Studio in Macon. Doc has also written and produced several comedy songs with Memphis recording artist Carl White.


Doc Henderson recently released a 12-song CD, Hangover Blues, which is available on CDBaby and iTunes. Doc’s latest release in April 2016 is a re-cut from that album of his song “A Steel Guitar, A Honky-Tonk Bar and A Good Woman.” Doc and Joey Stuckey produced Macon, Georgia artist Frank Wilder for this upbeat country song. This single is now available on CDBaby and iTunes.