Out & About with Doc #6

Memorial Day weekend on Jekyll Island with Pam and Flash!

Out & About with Doc #5

A great time celebrating the start of the summer season in Savannah and Jekyll Island with friends old and new. 

Out & About With Doc #4

Playing golf in Savannah may mean the occasional alligator. Love golf and music, but it's perhaps safer in the studio!

Out & About With Doc #3

Got made an honorary mariachi trumpeter! LOL

Out & About With Doc #2

Enjoyed hanging with Manuel "Chuy" Delgadillo and "Mariachi Vallarta" on Sunday afternoon in Atlanta. Fantastic band! Great guys!

Out & About With Doc #1

Loved watching this beautiful family of Canada geese swim by our patio in Savannah this week. 

'Hangover Blues' is now available on itunes!

'Hangover Blues' - Doc Henderson's premiere album - is now available on itunes.

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