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"...Another standout is Lately (Morning Dove, Mourning Sparrow) by Doc Henderson featuring Kim Meeks, about a woman watching her marriage fall apart and it stands a fair comparison to Rosanne Cash."
By Andy Nelmes

"Steel Guitar"

Performed by Frank Wilder.

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An upbeat tune that mentions a honky-tonk joint named "Trashville" just had to be covered. And Frank Wilder's pure, pitch-perfect country version of Doc Henderson's song about a guy finding the right girl hits the sweet spot.

Someone asked me how "A Steel Guitar, A Honky-Tonk Bar and A Good Woman" came about. Well, I was sitting at dusk one summer evening, swatting gnats and rocking in the front porch rocking chair of a  motel in rural south Georgia and my mind began thinking about small town cozy honky-tonks and I just wrote the whole song right then and there. Some of it, the third verse actually, is the most true part of the story, about meeting my wife Pam. I liked the song a whole lot and put it as the second track on my 12-song CD "Hangover Blues." Nonetheless I also felt a more country version would make it even better. So, when it came time to choose a vocalist to do a new demo of the song, my producer Joey Stuckey and I listened to a number of artists.


As soon as I heard Frank Wilder's voice, I knew he would be able to take my song and make it soar. His pure, pitch-perfect voice allows for a rich country sound. Just as importantly, when we cut the song at Joey Stuckey's Shadow Sound Studio in Macon, Frank interpreted the song beautifully.


You can't have a song about a steel guitar without a steel guitar! So when we finished all the other tracks for the song, we added the great sound created by the person who I consider just about the best steel player in Georgia, Tommy Dodd of Marietta. Thanks to the incredible work by Joey, Frank and Tommy, "Steel Guitar" went from a demo project to a song I am proud to release as a single. Enjoy!


Doc Henderson



Lately (Morning Dove, Mourning Sparrow)

Performed by Kim Meeks


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